How to write Software Tester Cover letter


Let’s imagine the situation when you already done with your resume and it’s written by all rules. But for unknown reasons you still haven’t found a job. Sometimes recruiters seeking not only professional skills but also personal qualities. Often hr specialists
looking for some persons with specific character traits and even (more rarely) with specific interests. Why do they do it? Why do they just can’t take everybody with skills appropriative to a position?

  • Recruiters choose the “right” person for the team.

    And more specifically – team and persons with whom you will work. Nowadays communication in a team – one is the most important things in software development. You as software tester have to solve some tasks and problems together with your colleagues,
    and you will can’t do it effective if you will not get on well.

  • Cover letter makes you special for recruiter.

    When the company where you want to apply to the job is very popular – hr specialists of this company receives a lot of the similar resumes. It’s very difficult for hr’s keep in mind every of them. But if will write good cover letter you will get the
    advantage over other competitors who haven’t wrote it. Surprisingly but mostly people ignore writing of cover letter and sometimes pay for it with months without job.

  • In your cover letter you can convince the employer or recruiter take you.

    Of course testing cover letter it’s not a letter where you will only tell about what a wonderful person you are =) But, few words about you your positive qualities it has to contain. So, if combine these qualities with information about how your work
    will positively affect business you getting a good chance to be invited to an interview.

  • What’s need to consider when writing a qa tester cover letter



    As every letter – cover letter has a format and structure. It’s not just necessary but really desirable to follow some standard rules of writing because this way will be much easier to read for recruiters or employers. So let’s appreciate their time
    =). There is a structure what we are recommend:

  • Letterhead (or Header)

Usually head of cover letter contains your contact information as First and Family Name, Address (City, street, zip code), phone numbers, email and skype.


  • Greeting

Quite easy. Here you just have to greet the recipient of the letter. But pay attention! It doesn’t have to be a greeting like “Hello” , “Hi” or “ Good morning” =) You have to choose different appropriative greeting words for every specific situation.
For example:

If you are not personally acquainted with person for whom you writing the letter or don’t know him/her well – will be better use construction “Dear” + Mr/Mrs +First name + Last name”.

If you are not sure about gender of your “interlocutor” just do not use parts “Mr” or “Mrs” in your greeting.

If you don’t even know name of your the name of the person for whom the letter – use common “Dear Hiring Manager, Dear HR Manager, Dear Recruiting Manager” etc.

And the last, If you are personally acquainted with person for whom the letter – you can use greetings like “Hello + First name + Last name”, “Hi + First name + Last name” and other informal greetings.


  • Introduction

Just a few words about job you want apply: what is the job, where did you found or heard about it. Also Introduction may consist a couple words about how much you want work in this company or get this job =)



  • Body (main part)

Generally it is a part where you will sell yourself to the employer.

First paragraph.

Better start from part where you explaining why you want to apply to this job. Search some information about company, pick some facts from news pages or really interesting or unique things from their website and praise them. Make the employer or recruiter
understand that you will appreciate work for them. Make them feel special.

Second paragraph.

If in previous paragraph you just had to catch attention of reader, here you have to start sell yourself as professional.

Explain why employer have to pick you. Tell about your skills and connect them to the requirements of the position to show that you are appropriative person. Also, it will be a good idea to tell about how you will add a value to the company. Tell about
your previous successful job experience and pay their attention to communication skills or just on traits which helped you and helping now to solve all job tasks.


  • Closing

Almost the end of your qa tester cover letter. Some conclusion words like “ I would love to get interviewed” or “ Contact to me and you will not regret!” . And you can mention again your skills and how valuable worker you will be.






  • Ending


The last part.

Write the regular ending of every formal letter like “Sincerely Yours + name”, “ Best regards + your name”, “ Best wishes”….. etc.





Now let’s consider some software tester cover letter examples:

Entry level software tester cover letter example

First name Second name

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Home : 415-555-0000 Cell: 415-555-0000
Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Intern/Junior Software Quality Assurance in “Sample name” company.

When i had seen your advertisement I was very interested. I came to your website and have seen projects of your company. I was impressed by the quality of your software products. Quality design, smooth animation and intuitive functionality, as I see,
became the inalienable part of every project. I as Intern/Junior QA will highly appreciate work in a company with this attitude towards quality.

For now, I just graduated from University where I’ve got a Master’s degree in a computer science. And also passed a testing courses where I was one of the best students. On courses we faced with different tasks and every of them i passed at the best
mark because of some skills and qualities. I’m very persistent, I always try to find a solution to the problem in spite of the difficulty and fatigue. Have strong communication skills and good attention. My analytical thinking gives me ability to
think a few steps forward, that was the most helping thing at university and at the courses. As person I’m very positive and easy going and always open to something new.

Despite i still haven’t strong experience in software testing I have strong theoretical base, skills and traits which will make me a good QA specialist. So i’ll be happy to join your company and do my best at this position!

Sincerely Yours,

First name Second name

Cover letter for manual testing

First name Second name

123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
Home : 415-555-0000 Cell: 415-555-0000
Dear Recruiting Manager,

I’ve seen your post on for a Manual Quality Assurance Engineer.

I was very pleased with the appeared vacancy because for a long time I dream to work in “Sample name” company. Also i heard a lot of good reviews about work process and management. I visited company website and got acquainted with your clients and
projects. After this i’ve got convinced even more than earlier that you rightfully have the status of a leader in your segment. So it will be an honor for me to be a part of this kind organization.

As Manual QA specialist I worked for 3 years. For years of my work I’ve got reputation of conscientious and reliable person. Projects where i was responsible for Quality Assurance always were differed in quality. My soft skills helped me to solve a
lot of tasks connected with communication ( especially in tasks of kind “Who owns the bug”, “Is it bug or feature”). =)
Also, my visiting card is a work with requirements. Many times my attention and foresight helped company where i worked save
big amounts of money by detection or preventing bugs on requirements level.

I would like to have a direct conversation and show you in live what I think about Quality Assurance process and how it can be improved in your company. So, if you interested in employee who really like his job, please contact me.

Best Wishes,

First name Second name