Why interviewer said they would call but didn’t


How disappointing it is to get a refusal after a successful interview, isn’t it? It is not a rarity when you are in search of a good job and are invited to the interview which has passed successfully to your mind. However, even despite the promise to call you back, it never happens. For some people, it is a real catastrophe since they lose confidence and fall into depression for months. Why does it happen? What has made recruiters change their minds?

Look: this article will focus on the problem of refusals after job interviews and explain why a promise to call back is sometimes only words that are never implemented in reality

Reasons why interviewers say they will let you know by phone

Employment procedure usually consists of two and more stages. The first one is filling a job application or sending a resume to the company for evaluation. If the information provided in both these documents meets the expectations of the recruiter or employer, this person is called for a phone interview or invited to the face-to-face interview with the company HR team. It makes no difference whether it is a phone or any other type of communication with the recruiter, but in most cases, job seekers receive the same answer: ‘We will call you back’. However, this phrase can be ambiguous since it can be used both for approved candidates and ones who are going to be rejected.

It goes without saying that the best outcome for every interview is to hear the words ‘You are hired’, but not all recruiters can make instant decisions.

Therefore, they postpone this important step for later or promise you to call back because of some other reasons including:

  1. There are several job applicants they are interested in. Many companies refuse to make instant decisions to accept or not a certain job applicant hoping to find the best suit for a vacancy. It means that not all candidates selected have already completed the interview and recruiters take time to listen to everyone, compare them, and only then come up with the final personality.
  2. They need time to discuss a candidate. When an interview is conducted by several people simultaneously, they cannot approve or disapprove a candidate until they discuss all his or her pros and cons and will not make one common decision.
  3. promise to call after the interview

  4. You are not the best fit for this position. Sometimes, a company representative who conducts the interview realizes that you are not a suitable person for the position. However, not to show disappointment or not to upset a candidate, he may pronounce the promise to call back or agree with a person who may ask: ”Will you let me know?” giving him a hope that this position can be obtained by him, though it is not included in his plans.
  5. They require time to prepare all the documents for employment. Some companies ask their job applicants to complete several checks after going through an interview successfully, so the words saying about getting back to the person may be an absolute truth. A department of the human resources may need time to prepare everything and will inform an applicant only when everything is ready for the next stage.
  6. One more interview is planned for later. If you have been interviewed by phone or only by one person but you need to go through several stages of the interviewing process, you will be offered to wait for the next invitation.

Why they did not call you back

When you hear a person saying he is determined to contact you soon, it gives a piece of hope that your dream job will be yours. However, sometimes you have to admit the truth that this promise has been only words and enough time has passed since the interview for them to call you back. It can be a great disappointment but there are high chances that nobody will contact you and there are several reasons for that:

  1. There is a more suitable candidate than you are. Though it may sound rude from their side, some recruiters call only those candidates which have been approved for hiring and leave the rest of applicants unanswered. The reason for that is a lack of time for calling everyone or the absence of the desire to explain what went wrong with this person.
  2. The company requires more time to evaluate all the applicants. It may sound unbelievable but sometimes companies need a month or more to evaluate all the candidates for a certain job position. Therefore, in a week or two, such applicants get frustrated because of the ‘possible’ refusal, but in fact, there was no final decision made and it is not the time to get disappointed.
  3. You do not meet all the ‘must-have’ requirements. There are points in the vacancy description underlined with the word ‘must’. Sometimes, recruiters contact potential employees by phone and ask questions concerning their resumes. The second analysis of the resume before the interview shows that this applicant does not possess a must-have skill or characteristic, so this person is never called back too.
  4. You did not sound persuasive and professional during the interview. It is not a secret that every person can fail the interview. If this trouble did happen and recruiters see how nervous this applicant is, they try to calm him down with the promise to contact him.
  5. Your application got lost among many others. Some vacancies turn out to be so popular that the HR department has to look through hundreds of resumes and contact a variety of people. If you are the one to have completed the interview successfully and impressed everyone, but were not called back, your application could have been simply lost. In this case, it would be reasonable to take a step towards your goal and contact a company representative yourself.
  6. Why they did not call you back

  7. The position was eliminated. Some companies may eliminate certain positions due to the last-minute budget cuts. Therefore, people who have applied for these positions may not be warned about any changes.

What to do if you have not received a desired call

As you can see from the information above, there are some reasons for applicants not to receive a call back that are not connected with the refusal. Therefore, it is important not to lose your lucky chance and check the situation before getting upset.

Experts advise writing an official email where you can explain that you have been at an interview in this company and was promised to call back, but it has not happened. You can finish your letter with the following sentence: “It would be kind of you if you would get back to me and explain the reason why I have not received a call back from you”.

Of course, it may seem torture to wait for an answer to this letter but at the same time, it will make the situation clear and inspire you to continue the search if this vacancy is not yours.


Job search is a responsible stage in every person’s life since it symbolizes a new absolutely different experience. However, it is important to remember that the promise to call back can be understood in different ways, so you should not make quick decisions until you are informed about being hired or rejected. The only conclusion you should make out of this phrase is the fact that sometimes it is necessary to remind of yourself if nobody called you back. Who knows, this little effort may become a great benefit for you?