System administrator resume format


System administrator is a responsible job that is in a very high demand nowadays. Every system admin should not only provide and install, configure and operate but also maintain system hardware and software. He should also have a deep knowledge of technology and the latest tools. It means that it is not easy to find a good system administrator for employers while every job-seeker should prove his professionalism and qualification in the system admin resume.

A standard system administrator resume format

A resume can be a lucky ticket to the desirable job position if it meets all the requirements of the employer and corresponds with the generally accepted format. It should clearly introduce a person to the potential employer, show its qualification and skills as well as accurately state what level a system administrator has. It is natural that senior sysadmins have higher salary and more benefits so if you wish to apply for this position, you should prove that you are perfect candidate.

Generally, a system administrator CV has the following structure. It starts with the catchy headline and an objective that mentions the main idea of the whole resume. There are four other important constituent parts of the sysadmin resume:

  • Summary;
  • Skills possessed by the candidate;
  • Sducation;
  • Work experience.

And if usually people do not have troubles with filling information in two last sections, skills and summary appear to be a burden.

A resume headline for system admins

The first thing that draws attention of every reader is a headline. It happens subconsciously as people always wish to know what they are going to read about and a headline is often emphasized in the text. A resume headline is not an exception so it should be formulated accurately for the paper to get into a “yes” pile.

The requirements to the headline are quite simple: it should be short, clear and mention the message of the IT system administrator resume.

Sysadmin resume format

How to formulate a system administrator resume objective

The main goal of every objective section is to hook the reader so a simple phrase “looking for a sysadmin job” is a waste of the reader’s time and paper space. That is why you should:

  • Determine two or three most important skills or characteristics of yours that will interest a recruiter and make him read or at least scan the paper to the end.
  • Indicate the sysadmin’s level and type at the very beginning as these are the key features searched by employers.
  • Analyze the vacancy description and formulate your objective as closely to the requirements listed there as possible. It will show that you are a suitable candidate undoubtedly.

System administrator workplace

Writing a system administrator summary in CV

A summary or profile is a very important section of every resume as it contains all the important facts from the whole paper and can either encourage or discourage an employer to read it to the end. The main key to the resume summary success is to mirror the requirements desired by the employer from the vacancy description as your own ones supported by your system administrator qualifications and skills to show that none of other job-seekers will perform that work better than you will.

Don’t be tempted by the desire to say everything in this section as trying to do that you will simply force a reader to lose interest in your personality. Your task is to present that information that will make an employer or recruiter analyze your resume further and be convinced by the content in their right choice in your favor.

System administrator skills

Filling the system administrator skills section

Being one of the most sizable sections in the resume the significance of the system administrator skills list should not be underestimated. If a person scans your resume and finds this section, he will immediately realize if you are familiar with all that staff important for him. This might be knowledge of software, hardware, equipment, programming languages, possession of personal and technical skills etc.

A detailed list of your technical skills accompanied by other important for this job number of skills will make it more detectable for both recruiters and special resume scanning software that searches necessary similarities.

System administrator work experience

Education and work experience in sysadmin’s resume

A position of the system administrator requires an extensive technical knowledge of the computer science. That means it will look unbelievable if you list hundreds of software you are aware of and never add a place where you have studied it. Such resumes will be accepted as non-truthful and are more likely to be refused.

It is of utmost importance to mention not only educational institution you have graduated from but also all the certifications, diplomas and achievements in this sphere. Moreover, if you have working experience in this field, it should be emphasized too like in most system administrator resume examples. Even if your position at the former job had another title, but the duties performed had much in common with system admin work, focus on this fact too.

If you apply for a job of a junior system administrator and have no experience, try to accentuate your college certifications, completed projects both individual and group ones. It will increase your chances in winning a well-paid job.

Senior system administrator resume
Mark Adams

Washington D.C., the USA


Goal-oriented senior system administrator with 5 years of experience


Looking for a challenging position as a senior system administrator in the developing company. Have over 5 years of experience of dealing with hardware, software and system administration troubleshooting as well as an extensive knowledge of the latest technology


Reliable system administrator qualified in server maintenance, management and security. Possess an extensive knowledge of different platforms and server configurations. Specialize in protection of systems and data, troubleshooting and have powerful technical skills.


  • – Problem-solving and analytical skills;
  • – Extensive knowledge of modern software and hardware;
  • – Good management skills;
  • – Persistent and responsible.

Technical Skills:

  • – Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Visio, Server, Adobe Photoshop, Ubuntu Linux etc.
  • – etworking: Modems, Firewalls, NIC’s, WIC’s, Managed Switches etc.
  • – Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Gentoo, CentOS, RHEL etc;
  • – Hardware: Servers, Desktop computers, Laptop, Direct Attached Storage, Mobile Devices (iOS, Android);
  • – Web development: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java.

Work experience:

System Administrator

Perfect Technology Ltd., Washington D.C., the USA

From February 2011 to March 2016


  • – Analyzed, installed and maintained computing systems and networks;
  • – Configured the software;
  • – Modified storage area networks;
  • – Was responsible for finding new examples of software and hardware;
  • – Ensured the compatibility of the software installed and existing hardware etc.


The University of the District of Columbia,

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Master’s degree in computer science.

Junior system administrator resume
Carl Warner

Hawaii, the USA


Determined system administrator with excellent academic achievements


Searching for a position to utilize my technical skills and make a contribution to the company development by obtaining a junior system administrator position.


A competent system administrator with excellent knowledge of server configuration, support of network services, management, network security. Capable of delivery growth-oriented business solutions and work in team looking for a position of a junior system administrator in the company that offers room for further professional development.


  • – Capable of identifying problems and solving them;
  • – Excellent communication skills;
  • – Advanced time-management skills;
  • – Ability to cope with difficulties in stressful situations;
  • – Well-versed with many System administrator tools.

Technical Skills:

  • – Hardware: Windows Servers, Dell Server, Apple hardware.
  • – Software: Windows/Linux OS, MAC OS, SQL Server Enterprise, Microsoft AD, Apache
  • – Protocols: DNS, HTTP, DHCP, NAT, IMAP/POP3, SMTP, LDAP,

Work experience:

Programming engineer

Hard Key Technology Co., Hawaii, the USA

From July 2015 to November 2016

  • – Developed software for security company;
  • – Tested and maintained the product.


The University of Hawaii, Bachelor degree in computer science

Completed projects:

December 2014 – May 2015

Project: Security architectures for mobile OS

  • – Developed a thesis on the topic “Comparative analysis of the iOS and Android mobile OS;
  • – Made an analysis of the official documentation from Google and Apple;
  • – Created a tutorial video on implementing security strategies prepared by me.