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Hundreds of resumes are written on daily basis. We have analyzed many ready-made resumes and our experts have singled out the most common mistakes in CV writing. Some of them usually look like apparent but it is still surprising why such rules as omission of the job-seeker’s surname in the name of the file, no check of spelling before applying, use of non-readable font, are not considered so often.

We have interviewed one of the senior HR managers with years of experience to point out the most common mistakes in resume writing.

IT Resume General recommendations

Before resume composing it is important to determine the accents for a potential employer to pay attention to, i.e. orient to the vacancy description. For example, if the knowledge of English language is critical according to the vacancy description, it must be stated in the resume undoubtedly. If a vacancy description indicates that a resume should be written in English, it is useless to send it in any other language. Anyway, you will be asked to send it in English as this requirement was mentioned with a certain goal – a foreign representative of the employer takes part in the resume analysis and he will not be able to read a paper in any other language. Also, you often can see the goal like “Wish to obtain a manager position” in the resume for a developer vacancy and vice verse.

We advise to follow the exact resume structure, for example, the following one:

Summary of Qualification

At the beginning of the resume it is necessary to give a brief information about your qualification. It provides an employer with the opportunity to see your strengths and experience. In this paragraph, it will be also right to mention the experience (number of years) you have worked with one or another specialization interesting for the employer, specific knowledge he might require.

Education, trainings and certificates

It is not a secret that most of the foreign employers, for example, will pay attention to possession of certain certificates and trainings, education degree. Again, it is purposeful to mention only those trainings that will be interesting to the employer in accordance with the job description. It means that any employer would be hardly interested in the information that you have mastered guitar playing if you apply for a programmer. At the same time, this skill can be mentioned as your hobby. Education degree should be classified according to the international standard – Master’s/Bachelor degree.

Employment/work experience

Period February, 2003 – March, 2006
CompanyCompany, country, website
PositionFront-end developer
Job duties & responsibilities Analysis… Design and development …

We advise to describe your experience in the table format for a better perception and readability. If you are more comfortable to use another structure, we recommend emphasizing important information using another font. A paper containing only text without paragraphs, chapters and not formatted and structured can be hardly read to the end.

It is considered a good tone to number the resume pages and write the name and surname on each page. A recommended number of resume pages is two or three depending on the experience possessed. An extended resume that is usually required to be shown personally to the employer can have up to 10 pages.

Don’t forget to state the phone number or a preferable messenger for the recruiter to be able to contact you.

Common problems

It is necessary to mention the most common problems in the article for our readers to avoid them.

Mistakes and misprint

A resume with mistakes makes a negative impression on the employer. Any spelling, stylistic, punctuation or grammar mistakes can be noticed at first sight.

Unpurposeful goals

Writing your Goal it is enough to state what position you apply for. Sometimes it is better not to write anything if to see what people set as their goals:

  • “Find a job where I can put my skills and knowledge to practice”
  • “Realize my potential”
  • “Get a job with a decent salary and realize myself”

Odd details

It is not rarely that a resume has an abundance of details from the person’s life. Zodiac sign, height, weight, favorite books and music bands, numerous hobbies and interests, stories from the childhood and a number of divorces are unnecessary information, for example:

  • “Married for the 4th time, have a son”
  • “I like merry and noisy companies as well as solve puzzles”
  • “Energetic, always set goals and achieve them, a quick learner and want to reach heights. Zodiac sign – Aries”

Inaccurate chronology of employment biography

Skipped dates especially within quite a long period make the employer think twice. Intersection of work dates between different companies (if part-time job is not mentioned) make think about person’s carelessness or not truthfully provided data.

Some data like 2003-2004 years can mean that you worked in the company either for two months only (from December 2003 to January 2004) or for almost two years.

When an employer analyzes a resume, he also determines candidate’s subordination: a candidate who is not able to meet the requirements of the resume structure or moreover, refuses existing standards will not be a good employee even if he is a super specialist. Subordination in this case is a person’s possibility to follow the existing procedures without perception of this fact as an opportunity to lower his self-estimation.

Software developer resume sample

Used programs, instruments and technologies:

C# (Visual Studio 2008 and 2010), .NET Framework4, ASP.NET (3.5 and 4),
MS SQL Server 2008, Sitecore CMS 6.2, EpiServer CMS 5 and 6, Microsoft
Commerce Server 2007, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, XML, Redmine,
SVN, AGILE/SCRUM methodology

September 12, 2008 – January 28, 2011 (Full-time)

Achievements and accomplishments:

  • Contributed to the success of the company by diligent migration of the old
    Web-applications from ASP.NET to the ASP.NET MVC 2.0 which had a direct
    positive impact on the user interface and made it more accessible and agile;
  • Increased interface usability by successful implementation of FireFox

Additional responsibilities:

Organize and coordinate corporate team building events, celebrations,
and Friday parties to support and enhance friendly and collaborative
environment in a team of 30 employees.


From 2002 to 2008

Master’s degree in Computer Engineering

Software developer resume sample

More details for “Software developer resume” you can find here

Use of different colors, formatting, phrase citations tells about job-seeker’s creativity. A good resume structure is worth being mentioned too.

From the other side, the resume seems difficult to comprehend, eyes move from one side to another one. The accent in this case is mainly made on the education, though it would be more important for an employer to learn about person’s work experience and possession of certain skills.

Recommendations: to decrease the number of colors used, avoid using citations.

C++ developer resume sample


Illinois Institute of Technology 2008 – June 30, 2012, 4th year
Specialty: Software Engineering

Work experience

June 20, 2011 – July 10, 2011 in Practice under the guidance of
Software architect and C++ developer

Courses and sertifications

October 10, 2011 – June 30, 2011 in NetCreacker J2SE/J2EE/Oracle
September 01, 2010 – December 25, 2010 in Itera Consulting Group. QR and Testing

Professional skills and knowledge (Scale: 1-10)

UML, Waterfall, RUP, XP, Scrum, Kanban, Unit testing (NUnit, JUnit), GoF Design Patterns, Java (J2SE, J2EE).

Software developer resume sample

Job-seeker’s resume looks attractive despite having job experience only as a trainee. We would recommend naming the position “Trainee” instead of “Practice under the guidance of …”

He has also used a knowledge estimation scale in accordance with professional skills without explanation of the indices between 1 and 10. What do 5 or 6 mean in this case? We recommend using another scale for this purpose, for example, Skills are valued subjectively; level of expertise rate: 1 = Basic knowledge; 2 = Some experience; 3 = Good; 4 = Advanced; 5 = Expert.

Account manager resume sample

From March 2010

  • Market review, competitive analysis, SWOT
  • Recommendations for long-term marketing strategies for the foreign customers
  • Partners and clients search for international business
  • Preparation and obtaining of business documentation (import/export authorization, certification)
  • Support and accompaniment of foreign clients in the USA:

    • Meeting with local partners
    • Exhibitions organization
    • Press reviews
  • Client DB management


  • Developed a new direction: certification
  • Developed a new direction: certification

January – February

  • Processing and analysis of big data array (Excel, FRED) to control and audit customer costs
  • Logistics operations reports
  • Customer DB management
  • Negotiations and contract support


  • Increased the speed of data processing by 15% due to
    process automatization

Account manager resume sample

A job-seeker has sent a cover letter with the information that he wishes to apply for a job in IT sphere but has no experience. In this case, we would recommend orienting to trainee vacancies, communicate with the representatives of IT companies and receive recommendations about further professional development.

Also, if there is a desire to work in the IT company, it is possible to apply for different administration vacancies. Regarding the experience mentioned in the resume it can be a HR manager depending on the responsibilities stated in the job description.

Each of us has started from something, so if there is a desire, it will undoubtedly fulfill in reality. Good luck!

Program manager resume sample

1991-1997 Canada, Canadian Institute of Technology, electronic means of communication and information protection

As Software Developer

Self-motivated and hard-working well-experienced software engineer with strong skills in programming, software design, troubleshooting and debugging

Accurate, patient and self-critical

Easy adaptable to change with an eagerness to toward learning and expanding capabilities.

As Program Manager

Complex decisions and strategic questions. Finish the projects that have started.

Get on well with somebody. Understand problems and weaknesses of colleagues.

Characteristics of a leader. Penetrating if needed, strict and principal.

Technical Skills
ST/C/C++/C#/ASP.NET (base knowledge)/PHP/HTML

Program manager resume sample
This is a resume of good qualified developer regarding the experience mentioned.

The only correction: indication of the basic skills of a Software Developer and Program Manager can lead to some questions: what responsibilities do you orient to more? Naturally, in case of being interested a recruiter will try to learn this information during the interview.

It is also recommended to check a resume against the spelling mistakes and proper formulations. In this resume, a phrase “Easy adaptable to change with an eagerness to toward learning and expanding capabilities” requires some changes, for example.

Entery level Java developer resume sample


  1. I did university practical work: took part in Java training simulator development for power station operators, also took part in Autocad plug-in (C++, ObjectARX) development for real-time showing electricity network status.
  2. Worked as FreeBSD administrator’s
  3. Now I am working as C/C++/Objective-C developer at


September 2002 – June 2006

Baccalaureate of the Georgia Institute of Technology
September 2006 – June 2008

Magistrate of the Georgia Institute of Technology
October 2009 – October 2011

Postgraduate degree of the Georgia Institute of Technology


  • FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, Windows – experienced user
  • Languages: C/C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, PUP


  • French, German, Intermediate Level


  • C/C++ (stl, boost);
  • C++/CLI (Library wrapper for.NET);
  • C# (examples).

Entery level Java developer resume sample

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 should be mentioned in the paragraph “Work experience” according to the structure of the first part of the article.

C++ entery level developer resume sample


2006 – 2012 Florida Institute of Technology, College of Engineering, Computer Science


  • OS: Windows
  • Programming languages: C/C++, C# 4.0
  • Development software: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-2010, Qt Creator 2.4, SharpDeveloper 4.2
  • Technologies: WPF, Qt, MFC, STL
  • Knowledge of OOA/OOD/OOP


In July 2011 finished the course “C++ professional” of the training center, have a certificate.

C++ entery level developer resume sample

We recommend making Education chapter more structured and place information about the department and specialty to the new line. A candidate applies for a position of a junior С++/C# without corresponding experience, so information about completed courses and certificates should be mentioned at the beginning of the resume next to the listing of the professional skills.

C# developer resume sample


  • Certificate for listening to a election course on the topic “IT project management”;
  • Cisco Networking Academy certificate “IT essentials: PC Hardware and Software”;

Computer skills:

  • C++ (WinApi);
  • .NET (C#, Gdi, WPF, ADO, WinForms, System, Network, XNA);
  • Website creation and support (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, XML, Photoshop, Flash);
  • Database administration, design and programming (Ms SQL, Oracle, Access).

Additional data:

  • Not married;
  • .NET (C#, Gdi, WPF, ADO, WinForms, System, Network, XNA);
  • Do not refuse from business trips;
  • Driving licence of A/B category.

Additional data:

English – native, French – excellent, Spanish – good.

C# developer resume sample

In this resume, the author should check and delete different gaps in the sentences. Information about a driving licence seems unsuitable if there is no such a requirement in the job description. To indicate the level of language we recommend using a standard classification. For example, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate etc.