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Research engineer

Summary of experience

More than 5 years of experience in performing scientific researches confirmed by 14 scientific publications. Strong algorithmic background proven by winning 13 awards in national programming contests.
About 4y, years of teaching experience at national university.
Perfect understanding of OOP/OOD concepts coupled with familiarity with other programming paradigms. Almost 4 years of software development experience (more than 1 year on position of Lead Developer).

Computer Skills

Programming Languages, Environments and Libraries

  • C (Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 – 2010, SharpDevelop 2.2)

    – Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 – 4.0

    – Developer’s Express 3.0 – 9.2

    – Google Protocol Buffers


    – nUnit 2.5t

    – JetBrains dotCover 1.0 -1.1

    – JetBrainsdotTrace4.0

    – Araxis Merge 2010

    – JetBrains TeamCity 6.0 – 6.5

    – MicrosoftADOMD.NET

    – Microsoft XNA

    – PDFLib

    – ZiрLib

    – Moq 4.0

    – JetBrains ReSharper 3.0 – 6.0

    – SciTech .NET Memory Profiler 4.0

    – .NET Reflector 4.0- 6.8

    – WinMerge 2.12
  • XML/XSD (Altova XML Suite 2007)
  • C (MinGW 5.x, Borland C 3.x)
  • Assembler 180×86 (MASM, TASM, A86)
  • C++ / ObjectPascal / Pascal / BASIC / Lisp / ProLog

Relational Databases

– Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 2008 R2: Transact-SQL

– Microsoft Access 6.0- 2007: JetSQL

– MySQL 4.x: MySQL

Multi-Dimensional Databases

• Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 – 2008: MDX

• Client Software: Tableau, ProClarity, Panorama etc.

Source Control

• Mercurial: TortoiseHg 2.0

• Subversion: TortoiseSVN 1.3 – 1.7

• Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2005

• Microsoft Source Safe 2003/2005

Bug Tracking

• BugTracker.NET 3.4

• Seapine Test Track Pro 7.0

• Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2005

Scientific Software

• Comsol Multi physics 3.5

• Mat Lab 7.0

• MathCAD 15.0

• Derive 6.1

• MathType 6.6

Operating Systems

• Microsoft Windows: 3.11,95/98/Me, NT/2000/XP/2003, Vista/Seven

• Microsoft OOS 6.22

• IBM OS/2 Warp 4

• *nix: Ubuntu / Mint / Slax / Mandrake / RedHat / Xandros, FreeBSD

Other Software

• Apriso FlexNet 9.3

• Microsoft Office 6.0 – 2010: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, Project

• OpcnOffice 2.x – 3.x: Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math

… and lots of other stuff

1. It is not understandable what position a person wishes to obtain. If it is a research engineer, it is necessary to mention that in the objectives.

2. Usually, employers are more interested in the skills possessed by the developer. What is the purpose to mention a variety of languages, frameworks, programming tools? There is an impression that this long list was created with the purpose to boast but not convince. It is also not clear why people mention obvious information like knowledge of Word, Access or Open Office,

Professional Experience

2011-01-17-Now, Ottawa, Canada


Position: Software Developer (Full Competent)

Responsibilities: Settled all kinds of issues related to functioning, stability and performance of desktop client program.

Tools: C# Microsoft .NET 3.5 , Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Developer’s Express 9.2 | Google Protocol Buffers | | nUnit 2.5 | Moq 4.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 TortoiseHg 2.0 I TortoiseSVN 1.6 | BugTracker.NET 3.4

2007-09-01 – Now, Ottawa, Canada

Position: Senior Lecturer (since 2011-09-01), Teaching Assistant

Responsibilities: Lectured, conducted laboratory and practical lessons, wrote appropriate learners’ guides. Advised masters, specialists and bachelors on writing graduation papers.
Organized two annual students’ programming contests.

Courses: «Introduction to Programming», «Algorithms and Data Structures»,
«Computer Graphics», «Combinatorial Models in Automated Systems»,
«Databases», «Software Design using Modern Technologies»,
«Programming Distributed Resources», «Software Engineering Tools», “Agile Software Development”

2006-04-24 – 2008-11-30,
Ottawa, Canada


Position: Lead Developer (since 2007-10-01), Software Developer

Responsibilities: Coordinated work of development team: designed functionality, wrote specifications, assigned tasks, reviewed code, directed bug-fixing, checked reports.
Wrote megabytes (literally) of various code, was especially deep in design and implementation of data visualization user controls with complicated behavior.

Tools: CM I Microsoft .NET 1.1/2.0 | Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005 Developer’s Express 3.0 -8.2 | Microsoft ADO MD .NET | ZipLib | PDFLib Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 | Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 – 2008 Microsoft Source Safe 2003/2005 | Seapine TestTrack Pro 7.0


Position: Software Developer

Responsibilities: Developed the whole client side and the most part of server side of this product. Implemented nice integration with Microsoft SQL Server Agent.

Tools: CM I Microsoft .NET 2.0 | Microsoft Visual Studio 200S
Developer’s Express 6.2 | ZipLib
Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
Microsoft Source Safe 2003 | Seapine TestTrack Pro 7.0

Researches with Government Financing

Ottawa, Canada,
2010-01-01 – 2010-12-31

Position: Researcher

Responsibilities: Developed software for simulation experiments on three-dimensional objects with piecewise homogeneous structure using numerical methods (FEM / FDM).

Tools: CM | Microsoft .NET 2.0 | Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008
Microsoft Office 2003/2007 | Math Type 6.6

2008-01-01 – 2009-12-31,
Ottawa, Canada

Position: Responsible Researcher

Responsibilities: Coordinated work of research team: assigned tasks, collected and aggregated results, kept in order scientific reports, accompanying forms and financial documentation. Solved a problem of designing methods for distributed solving high dimensional systems of linear algebraic equations with block-banded matrices.
Developed architecture of distributed system for electronic devices’ thermal design and software of subsystem for distributed computing with adaptive hierarchical structure.

Tools: Comsol Multiphysics 3.5 | MatLab 7.0
CM | Microsoft .NET 2.0 | Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 Microsoft Office 2003/2007 | MathType 6.6

3. For the document to look like a pure text it is advisable to divide different positions with free space.

4. Your description does not prove that you are an experienced programmer, so it would be nice to extended it instead of mentioning “Settled all kind of issues…”.

To make the resume shorter and more condensed you had better:

– Mention only single position of a Lead Developer avoiding the date of promotion;

– Provide short description of both projects;

– Make the responsibilities section and tools section more general mentioning both projects there.

2006-01-01-2007-12-31, Ottawa, Canada

Position: Researcher

Responsibilities: Developed the classification of distributed computing systems’ architectures and the me¬thod for evaluating the effectiveness and time losses of distributed computing systems.

Tools: Microsoft Office 2000/2003

Education History

University                  2006-12-01-2009-11-30 Ottawa, Canada

Ph.D. degree in Computer and System Mathematical Support and Software Thesis: «Methods and Tools of Distributed Computing
for Solving Problems of Thermal Design of Electronic Devices»

2005-09-01-2006-11-30, Ottawa, Canada

M.deg.(Hons) degree in Software of Computer-Aided Systems

Paper: «Developing Distributed Computing System with Hierarchical Structure»

University                 2001-09-01 – 2004-06-30, Ottawa, Canada

B.deg.(Hons) degree in Computer Software

Lyceum                1998-09-01 – 2000-06-30, Ottawa, Canada

School-Leaving Certificate with Diploma in Computer Science

Scientific Publications

6. It is not recommended to mention Lyceum in the content.

7. The resume should mention only the number of your publications. Their list can be provided additionally.

Trainings and Certificates

Microsoft Windows Applications4.0 Exam (70-521) 2011-11-04, Ottawa, Canada

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer in Windows Applications for .NET Framework 4.0

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Data Access, Service Communication and Windows Applications for .NET Framework 4.0

Microsoft Windows Applications 3.5 Exam (70-563) 2011-08-31, Ottawa, Canada

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer in Windows Applications for .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft Windows Forms 3.5 Exam (70-505) 2011-08-16

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Exam (70-S36) 2011-08-03

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Windows Forms for .NET Framework 3.5

SQL-Ех Certification 2008-08-08 Warsaw, Poland

SQL DML Specialist

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Exam (72-431) 2007-03-20 Ottawa, Canada

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training 2007-01-29 – 2007-02-09 Ottawa, Canada

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL Server 2005

Apriso FlexNet 93 Training 2005-10-24 – 2005-11-04 Krakow, Poland

Apriso Certified Professional

Contests and Awards

8. Some of the mentioned awards were received more than 10 years ago, so they can be omitted too.