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React js resume template

The IT sphere is one of the most developing directions that are in a constant need of experienced specialists. You can see hundreds of vacancies in search of narrow IT specialists. There is always a question: isn’t there enough good IT experts that can cope with these tasks? Of course, there is. There are many React JS developers with enough experience and extended knowledge of the coding language. The only problem they face is the inability to present their skills and achievements in the best manner. Their resumes appear in the “refused” pile even if they are more suitable for the job than anyone else could be. The fact is an employer can not understand this from the resume he has received so the only way out from this mysterious whirl is to get a professionally written React JS developer resume.

React JS resume structure

The first thing caught by the recruiter’s eyes in the resume is its structure. The absence of any of the important resume parts can become a reason to avoid considering the job applicant for a job. Would you entrust a person without experience or necessary skills with a serious responsible project? Undoubtedly, you wouldn’t. The same thoughts come across the employer’s mind who looks through a React JS developer resume. That is why a job-winning CV should have a widely accepted structure including:

  • Headline;
  • Objective statement;
  • Summary;
  • Work experience;
  • Personal and technical skills;
  • Education.

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React developer resume headline and objective

Many people underestimate the significance of the headline but in fact, this short sentence emphasizes the job-seekers wish to get a certain job and tells a couple of benefits that make him an outstanding candidate. At first glance at the headline a potential employer can make a conclusion if a React JS developer is the person he was looking for.

The main features of the efficient headline are:

  • Simplicity and brevity;
  • Indication of the employment goal and expertise level;
  • Original and convincing formulation.

One more short but not less significant resume chapter is an objective. This informative sentence should show that you are the best possible candidate for the position. It can be achieved if you analyze the vacancy description thoroughly and find 2-3 key skills listed in the requirements to the candidate and possessed by you. Mentioning these skills in the objective section of React JS resume allows the applicant to attract an employer’s attention to his personality as soon as he starts reading or scanning the resume.

React js developer

React JS resume points: summary, skills, and education

Modern IT direction is being constantly enhanced so it is important for a candidate to show that he keeps track of the novelties and has received enough knowledge and experience to expand the existing level and develop new skills. It is not surprising that all three sections of a resume are of utmost importance for a recruiter or employer as they shed light on the qualification and professionalism of the job-seeker and allows making conclusions if there is any sense in inviting him to the interview.


The first and often the most convincing resume chapter is summary. Either employers or recruiters are busy individuals who have no time to read every candidate’s resume if it has not interested them from the very beginning. The only part they usually look at is a summary – a shortlist of the most important facts about the job applicant. It should mention:

  • The position;
  • Number of experience years;
  • Field of specialization;
  • Several basic and most required by the vacancy description skills.

It is a short advertisement for an applicant so its efficacy depends on the fact of how smoothly and convincingly it will sound for an employer.


Every React JS developer has a number of skills that serve as a guarantee of his qualification and expertise level. It is natural that technical skills are here of utmost significance but personal features play a vital role too. That is why you can list your skills by sections or just mention both skill types in a single chapter. However, try to include all the skills that will make you stand out among other competitors:

  • Personal and Technical;
  • Hard and Soft;
  • Specific React JS skills and general computer ones.

Though a tendency to consider computer experience rather than official degrees is only gaining pace, the bigger part of employers trust college and university degrees more than self-taught developers. That is the reason to indicate:

  • The degree obtained;
  • Qualification;
  • Name of the college or university;
  • City and country.

Apart from higher education job-seekers should not lose a chance to share their achievements, so any additional trainings, courses, completed projects will be a huge plus too.

React js developer

React JS experience resume should include

The experience section in resumes can be a reason for more questions to be asked than answers given. Even if it is a resume of the college graduate who has no official work experience, it is not a reason to ignore this chapter. Non-experienced developers should mention their college achievements, disciplines studied or extra-curricular activities connected with employment.

React JS experience resume section must be written in accordance with several simple rules:

  • Only relevant experience must be mentioned;
  • Jobs obtained over 10 years ago should be excluded;
  • Filler gigs must be avoided;
  • Mention the company name, employment periods, location, position and responsibilities or achievements in brief;
  • Not only full-time but also part-time, summer, temporary jobs, internship can be included;
  • Jobs should be listed starting with the most recent one.

As developers can have some non-official or freelance experience, it can be also mentioned with an emphasis on achievements.

React JS developer resume writing tips

There is always a wish to make a developer resume outstanding. Of course, you can opt for an exclusive resume format and template, but content does matter too. Here are several React JS developer resume writing tips to make your CV impressive and persuasive:

  • Make an emphasis on the skills section putting it front.
  • Consider formatting that will make it readable and appealing.
  • Provide links to your GitHub or LinkedIn profile with examples of your works.
  • Mention group projects but focus on personal ones.
  • Showcase interpersonal skills next to technical ones.
  • Check your final draft for mistakes.
  • Get a professional to review a resume not to lose a dream job.

React JS sample resume

It is always important to read a book before you start writing your own text. The same is with resume – you will get a powerful CV only if you look through one or another React JS sample resume. You can learn not only a structure but also some effective phrases and find a perfect template to borrow. There is one of them.

Gregory Mccain
Sydney, Australia

Expertise React JS developer with 6 years of experience


Seeking a position in a company where I could apply my React JS developer experience and contribute to the premium development process


Senior React JS developer specializing in web development. Knowledgeable of all the development cycle stages and have a good command of coding languages. I have much experience in teamwork and excellent problem-solving skills.


  • – Goal-oriented;
  • – Project management;
  • – Strong communications skills;
  • – Good learner;
  • – An effective member of the team;

Technical skills:

Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, Drupal, Ruby, Python

Basic knowledge of server software

Advanced hardware specialist


From May 2005 to October 2008

Network Credentials

New Cityland, CA

Web developer


  • – Development of web applications for networks;
  • – Tested ready-made products;
  • – Conducted survey about the product drawbacks;
  • – Created websites for company clients;
  • – Corrected errors in products that did not function properly.

From November 2008 to December 2011

Web Nerds

New Cityland, CA

Web developer


  • – Developed different websites for company clients;
  • – Tested and corrected bugs in their functioning;
  • – Dealt with SEO optimization;
  • – Collaborated with designers to meet customer expectations;
  • – Optimized website usability;
  • – Maintained the team workflow;
  • – Completed programming and development tasks of different difficulty levels.


Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems

Fieldstone University

New Cityland, CA

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Premium tamplate for angular js, react js, front-end developers