24 Good questions to ask recruiters


Have you been invited to a job interview? Have you always wanted to get this dream job? It is not enough to prepare for it revising the basics of your profession and learning by heart the list of skills you possess. In fact, you should get more information about the employment company and open vacancy and it is not enough to Google search for it. If you have such an opportunity, you should ask a recruiter certain questions that might help you to get more confidence and be informed during the interview. You will agree that sometimes nerves do not allow people to ask vital questions.

Look: this is a list of 24 questions to ask recruiters during the face-to-face interview and a phone one to get the most valuable information that will help you to pass through the interview successfully and show your interest in this vacancy.

Questions to ask HR or recruiter during interview

When many people prepare for an interview, they often think about what questions they will be asked and what answers to give to get this job. However, it is not a rarity when HR or recruiters suggest the interviewee if he or she has any questions to ask them. To some extent, it is a kind of exam since your speed of reaction as well as intelligence can be clearly perceived from your words and behavior.

Consequently, you need to be prepared and have a number of interview questions to ask a hiring manager that will show your awareness and interest in the position applied for. It goes without saying that you should not ask all the questions we offer in this article, but you should choose up to 5 examples to interest you and to show your goal to be hired.

1. What position do you take at the company? Are you an exclusive recruiter?

It is not a secret that job interviews are conducted by different people including representatives of the HR department, internal and external recruiters, employers, etc. The task of a job applicant is to find out who makes a final decision regarding the candidate. To be more accurate, you should know who to impress the most to get this job. It often happens that big companies hire external recruiters who are not connected with the employer much, so your next spectrum of questions can depend on the job position of the individual who communicates with you too.

2. Who is considered to be a perfect candidate for this vacancy?

You can get a trump card by receiving an answer to this inquiry since a short description of a perfect candidate shoul give you the idea of how to become the one they look for. Being aware of these details, you will get a chance to shape your answers as you need to impress everyone and convince to be the best fit.

3. What skills and qualities are required for this position?

You may wonder what sense there is to ask this question since the list is provided in the job description. However, sometimes people are unable to read the information about the vacancy or there is only a couple of words provided on this topic. A job applicant should know the basic skills and traits required for this position since performing duties by a person without them can be challenging. Being aware of these qualities you will see if you possess or able to develop them as well as match a response to the question if asked what skills you have.

4. How long has this vacancy been open?

There is one of good questions to ask a recruiter to find out two important points: what demand for a job is there and how strict the assessment of candidates is. If an employer is looking for a perfect fit for more than half a year already, there are several possible problems arising: people are not interested in this position, there are too strict requirements and assessment criteria, or it is a position requiring a rare professional. However, when it has been open only for a week, you will understand that you are only one of the first to be interviewed and the competition can be higher in the future.

5. Which salary range is planned for this position?

It goes without saying that one of the main things job applicants are interested in is their future income. However, if there was no information about the salary in the description, asking this question you may find out that the offer is to small as well as understand the frames for negotiating the salary.

6. Why is this position open?

The reasons for a position to be open are very different. It might have been just created or taken by the person who has retired or gave birth to a baby. In the last case, you should ask if this is a temporary or long-term position. However, if you find out that the person was fired from this position, it is time to understand why it happened and what you should do not to repeat his or her destiny.

7. What else should I be aware of the company apart from general information?

By asking this question you express your interest in the firm you are planning to work for. Moreover, you can learn some specific things to understand if you are going to deal with it. It may be an international company that requires the knowledge of a foreign language or regular business trips, so this information can influence your decision to accept this offer or not.

8. What responsibilities should an employee perform on this position?

It is crucial for an employee to know what responsibilities his job involves. Naturally, the job description features only basic requirements but you should understand the whole spectrum of things you should do if you are hired for the position offered.

9. Who should an employee report to on this position?

Questions to ask HR or recruiter during interview
It is natural that you should understand clearly who your boss is. There are companies with numerous departments and getting along with your boss is one of the keys to a successful career. It means that you should not only ask who it is but also it would be great yo get acquainted with this person. Most of the people can understand from the first minute of communication what emotions you have talking with this person and if you are able to understand the requirements claimed.

10. Is this position new or a replacement one?

There are vacancies that have been just created due to the expansion of the company and ones which have been taken by another person who has left or been terminated. It is of great importance to choose one of the similar questions to ask HR recruiters since there was someone working on the replacement position and there are certain reasons that made this person leave. Moreover, new positions are also risky since their efficiency is proven only with time and once you may be laid off if the initial purpose of its creation was not achieved.

11. Where is the working place located?

A simple but very important question of this kind is especially important if you are planning to work away from the main office of the company but at the manufacture, for example. It will make clear if you can commute to this destination on a daily basis and if it is comfortable to do that.

12. How long do you plan to fill this position?

Sometimes it may take weeks or even months to close the vacancy. In general, the recruiting process takes 1-2 weeks, but it may last much longer too. This question will shed light if you are one of the main candidates for it or there are more interviewees waiting for communication. Also, you will learn a more accurate time when you can start your work if selected.

13. What reasons have prevented you from hiring other candidates?

It is a very important question to ask since it can help you to understand the pitfalls faced by other candidates and prevent you from repeating them. Most of the recruiters are ready to share only basic information without going into details much but even these hints can be a good piece of advice. You can also ask a recruiter if he or she has previously provided approved candidates for this firm and how many of the job-seekers applying for the same position have been already refused.

14. What challenges and opportunities should I expect holding this position?

This question will make it clear how painstaking it can be to work there and whether you are able to manage with them at all. It often happens that a necessity to manage the work of a big team may be challenging for a person without experience, but in the case of success, the company is ready to give a promotion to this candidate, so you can expect for better.

15. What criteria do you use to assess the employee’s performance?

It is natural that the main goal of every company is to find an employee who will perform a total amount of work planned, therefore such newly hired people are controlled more severely than experienced ones. The company will track the work and performance of newcomers to understand if this person meets the expectations had. It means that you should know what factors will influence and determine the quality of your work, so being aware of these parameters is crucial to be able to fulfill them.

16. What culture does the company have?

Every company features a certain system created on the basis of work ethics and culture. It can be unacceptable to be late or leaving your job place anytime you want. It can be connected with the appearance and outfits approved for wearing, communication and holidays as well as many other points. Are you ready to dress formally? Will you stick to the strict rules adopted by the firm? It is necessary to find out it at the interview.

17. What contribution and improvement do you hope to receive for the company from a new employee?

Most of the companies have a plan for their further development and hiring a new employee they hope for a certain step forward made. Being aware of the expectations you can clearly evaluate your strengths and skills to understand if you can meet them fully or even exceed them.

18. What working schedule shall I expect?

If not stated in the vacancy description, one of the questions to ask a job recruiter is how long and when you must be at work and perform your responsibilities. Get a clear answer on the regular schedule, the presence of night or late shifts, a necessity to work overtime, business trips. You can also ask about benefits and vacation time offered by the company to get the idea of what to wait if hired.

19. Is there a probationary period for this vacancy?

It is natural that every person wants to sign a permanent contract when hired to ensure that he or she will not lose the job soon. But there are companies that are not ready to make this decision fast and hire a person for a probationary period to check fine or she can cope with the goals set. It is necessary to understand what is offered to you and what to expect when a probationary period ends.

Questions to ask recruiter in a phone interview

Questions to ask recruiter in a phone interviewIt is not a rarity that before inviting a potential employee to a face-to-face interview some recruiters give a phone call to communicate with the applicant. It means that a job seeker receives an opportunity to get some useful information too. Therefore, he or she can remember questions to ask a recruiter during a phone interview and by doing so, prepare for the upcoming interview in the company.

20. Who will be present at the interview?

When a recruiter announces you that you are invited to the company interview, you can inquire who will be those people present during it. Usually, recruiters tell the names and job titles of people who attend interviews, while this information can shed light What questions to expect from these people. Moreover, you can find out that one of them can be your acquaintance and take advantage of this information contacting this person.

21. What structure does an interview have?

Every company has its own rules on how to conduct interviews. Though many people believe that an interview is oral communication, you can be asked to complete questionnaire or even a test to check your knowledge. There are also multi-step interviews conducted by several company representatives one-by-one as well as group talks when several candidates are interviewed simultaneously. One more thing you should find out if it is acceptable to ask questions and how long will it last to plan your day schedule too.

22. What questions can I be asked at the interview?

One of the questions to ask during a phone interview with a recruiter is what questions you can expect in the future. You should remember the questions asked when calling and agree if a recruiter offers you to try a mock interview by phone. It will be a kind of preparation to reduce stress and know what answers to think over more thoroughly.

23. How many people are interviewed except for me?

Though this question can increase tension if the competition is tough, it will also encourage you to prepare more efficiently to be able to overcome other candidates. If you learn that you are the only candidate, it can reduce nerves and let you get more confident.

24. Will I need to complete any training or test?

Many people get lost in situations when they are taken by surprise. If you are offered a test during an interview you have not known about, there are many chances for you to make mistakes being nervous. You can learn the information from the recruiter and spend time preparing for it if necessary.


Though a job interview is often considered to be a one-sided process, when you communicate about the future job, it is natural that the interviewee may be interested in some details about the job too. That is why it has become a standard situation to ask questions too. However, not to sound ignorant or foolish, you should have a number of questions to ask in a phone interview and during the internal interview held in the company. The selection of the right questions can contribute to the impression about you as a candidate and let you find out the details you wanted to know about the future job.