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Desirable post:

QA Team Leader

Senior QA Engineer

Automation QA Engineer

Operational experience;

September 2009 – Present QA Team Leader (team of 2 – 5people)

Carried out duties:

• Ongoing enforcement of the QA methodology in the team

• Analyze product requirements, create test plans, and identify deliverables

• Review STPs. STDs

• Review deployment documents

• Execute testing tasks, isolate problems, report bugs, regress and close bugs

• Write test status reports and escalate issues as appropriate

• Review sign-off documents

• Proactively solve problems and suggest process improvements

• Identify project risks and recommend actions to minimize risk

• Lead projects and provide technical supervision to other QA staff

• Ongoing training of the team members


1. Search – Asp.NET Web Application + C++ Application. Games oriented toolbar for IE and FF including specific search pages for different search providers (Yahoo. Bing, Ask. InfoSpace)

2. Content Services – Certification QA for the content published in network

April 2008 – September 2009 –                        – Senior QA Engineer

Carried out duties:

1. Test documentation writing (Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Report)

2. Analyzing Software Requirements Specification

3. Reporting on testing progress, calculating of metrics

4. Testing performance, stability, work under critical conditions

5. Specifying and executing a test cycle

6. Investigate product features (including ad hoc testing)

7. Find and report bugs in the bug tracking system

8. Providing estimations on tasks

9. Identify project risks and recommend actions to minimize risk

10. Lead projects and provide technical supervision to other QA staff

11. Mentor junior engineers to build their skills and contribution level


1.- Asp .NET Web Application. Special proposition for buying
games and billing process.

1. This test lead resume has several drawbacks in language use and formatting. It is advisable to make some changes to formatting including pages enumeration, adding section headers, use the order mentioned above to make position descriptions.

2. If you include the following information into the resume, it will provoke to appearing many other questions. For example, what does she wish? Has she got a team lead qualification? What are the reasons to apply for AT engineer?

3. Because of some negative shade the word “enforcement” must be substituted.

4. It would be better to group duties by ones suitable for a team lead and the others – for an individual contributor.
All the duties mentioned can be referred to basic ones at the position of QA Engineer. Moreover, their repetition can be noticed in many other test lead cv’s resumes. If you wish to stand out among other competitors, think of description of your basic skills in the summary section. In addition, this description should be exclusive and focus on your personal benefits, abilities and achievements.

Knowledge and skills:

• Understanding of programming languages and technologies (HTML, SQL, C #, Ajax, Javascript, XML)

• Basic knowledge of automated testing tools (LoadRunner, Quick Test Professional. Watir)

• Good knowledge of test theory

• Bug tracking systems (Jira StarTeam)

• Versions Control Systems (SVN, VSS. Perforce)

• MS SQL Server. basic skills of administration

• Agile methodologies: Scrum

• Experience in building new team and make it effective

• Identify project risks and recommend actions to minimize risk

• Lead projects and provide technical supervision to other QA staff

• Improving processes inside the team

Knowledge of languages:

German – fluent;

English – native;

Polish – intermediate.

Individual finalities:

Sociability, orderliness, responsibility, accuracy, result oriented, fast learner.

The marital status:

Married, children are not present.

5. What does “basic” mean? Rephrasing is required here.

6. It seems that you know and have worked only with scrum. Paraphrasing is a necessity.

7. Empty phrases have no sense especially in qa test lead resumes. There is no exact explanation about your responsibilities.

8. There is also a useless phrase that does not show your real achievements.

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