PHP developer resume review. PHP developer resume example




Age: 24 Marital status – married

Position: developer of PHP/MySQL applications





Professional Skills

Programming languages:

– PHP (the basic language, high level of knowledge, solution of various tasks).

– JavaScript (writing/modernization of the middle in complexity scripts of the user interface).

– VBA, Java, C (basic skills).


– My SQL (complex queries, design, optimization, some skills of administration).

– MS SQL (middle queries, not complex design).

– PostgreSQL (one realized project with the use of this DBMS, was learning in my free time).

Marking languages:

– XML (analysis/generation/modification of the data in XML format, little experience of work with SOAP (client), XML-RPC (server), XPath).

– HTML, CSS (experience of design of middle in complexity page blocks, make up of templates, making changes to templates).

Operation systems:

– MS Windows (experienced user, little experience of server and working stations administration).

– Unix-similar (administration line, simple shell-scrips, some skills of administration).

1. It would be better to fit the resume to one maximum two pages. Both first two pages contain too extended information that can be condensed into a half of one page. I could accept such length if you had 30 years of experience, but unfortunately, it is not so.

Other informational technologies:

– Understanding and use of principles of the objective-oriented analysis and design.

– Basic knowledge of computer network work.

– Skills of regular expressions use;

– Experience of Mercurial, Git, SVN use;

– Not deep knowledge of such frameworks as Zend framework, Symfony, etc.

– Representation about highly loaded, distributed and scalable systems;

– Primary knowledge of versatile development methodologies.

Personal characteristics

Personal qualities

– Easy learner, ability to analyze and summarize, ability to find non-standard and not apparent solutions, intelligence.

– Ability to work in the team, responsibility, commitment to results;

– Fluency of English language;

– Typing and online information search skills

Professional interests:

– Development of multifunctional and highly-loaded informational systems based on web technologies.

Values, hobbies, common interests

– Personal development, professional and career growth.

– Informatics, electronics.

– Technologies, economics, music, movies, sports, politics, history.

2. I believe that everything you mention here has no value apart from your language skills that deserve to be mentioned.

3. To tell the truth, it is out of my interest as the only thing that matters for me is your professionalism.
o sense in mentioning obvious information. If you are an expert in computer science, you will undoubtedly have “excellent computer skills…”.


Warsaw university of technology, Department of chemistry and technology, Specialty – Computer technologies and processes, Bachelor degree with honors, uncompleted Master’s degree.


Position: programmer

Period: from May 2011 to today (over 6 months)

Responsibilities: solution of the whole spectrum of tasks for developers during support/development of the system processing.

Acquired experience: work with highly loaded system where a critical meaning has accessibility/absence of mistakes in work; work with Zend Framework.

Position: web developer

Period: from April 2010 to April 2011 (12 months)

Responsibilities: solution of the whole spectrum of tasks for developers during the realization of other websites by online stores, support of the released projects pf the company clients.

Important projects I took part in:

– The chief developer;

– Support of the website;

– Development of several components;

– Participation in outsource projects

I used to work with: Drupal, 1С-Bitrix; jQuery, Codelgniter; MySQL, PostgreSQL; SVN, Mercurial; Linux.

4. There is a couple of formatting suggestions:

4.1 When describing positions, provide info in the following order

a. Employment dates and company name

b. Brief information about the company

c. Position

d. Finished projects/ responsibilities/ achievements

4.2 Each new position should be separated by another font or header.

5. What us the sense of using this phrase? It does not fit here.

6. The previous mistake again.