LinkedIn and resume for IT

Some people wonder: why should I order LinkedIn profile makeover? The reality is the following. If you are looking for a job and send your resumes to different crypto companies, be ready that your LinkedIn profile will be evaluated too. Both employers and recruiters have a tendency to compare the information contained in the resume with one stated in your profile. Moreover, your habits, interests and manner of communication can also play for worse. Even a couple of minor mistakes and jokes can become a decisive factor to refuse you. So the LinkedIn profile is more than a website page with general information about you – it is your personal identity that speaks louder than words.
Reasons to order a profile makeover
It is a proved fact that 97% of modern recruiters look through social media profiles of the potential employees. For your struggles in job search not to be useless order a LinkedIn profile makeover. A rich, informative and impressive profile can not only inspire for the final choice to be made in your favor but also can interest other blockchain employers. A quality profile refinement by our service can prevent you from putting much effort yourself, making silly but so eye-catching mistakes and racking your brains how to enhance it.
How it works?
Our staff works with already registered accounts and create new ones as well. If you wish to improve your personal profile, you should give us access to your page by providing your login (email) and password. Be confident, this information will be 100% confidential, so there is no need to worry.

In general, the work on each profile proceeds in 6 steps:

  • You fill out the questionnaire as detailed as possible.
  • We make an analysis of the existing profile or create a new one.
  • Our team builds up a strategy of its refinement and enhancement.
  • We insert necessary keywords into your profile according to SEO rules to be easier found by the potential employer.
  • A detailed work on your profile includes robust summary writing, making headlines clear and convincing, adding details to your job descriptions, emphasizing the supporting features etc.
  • Profile branding from our experts will add you to decent LinkedIn groups, choose an impressive photo, write influential posts in the groups etc.

We are professionals in this sphere so you can be confident to receive a LinkedIn profile that represents you as a dignified employee. The look and content of the profile will only benefit to the sent resume and a well-paid crypto job will be yours, undoubtedly!