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Front end web developer resume template

Web developers have always been in demand but not every company hurries to hire a developer if his professional qualification and experience are not proved. Company recruiters pay much attention to the choice of a good front end developer and the main
focus is made on the information written in the resume. It is the only paper that speaks louder than words for employers so it is important to have a persuasive and appealing CV. Let’s see how to compose an efficient frontend developer resume
and get a desirable position.

Front end engineer resume structure

Any CV including a resume for front end developer has a standard structure. The job-seeker should include a headline and an objective why he or she is applying for this job. The other important sections of the paper are a summary that contains a basic
information about a person, skills possessed by him, education and work experience. Each of these sections plays a significant role as depending on the profession recruiters and potential employers pay attention to different sections.

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Web developer resume objective and headline

The headline of the CV is written right after the contact information of the job-seeker. That means that it is the first thing for the recruiter to read when he or she sees your resume. This short statement should include your strongest skills, accomplishments
and experience to hook the reader.

To write a good headline in the frontend resume it is necessary to:

  • Review the job description and highlight the key words;
  • Write out the skills from your list that coincide with one’s mentioned in job description requirements;
  • Find suitable attributes and words to formulate the phrases;
  • Make it clear, job-related, based on facts and readable;
  • Compose it of two parts: indicating the position you apply for and your best qualities.

The second important section of the CV that should be closely connected with the headline is objective. It should not repeat the information mentioned in the headline but at the same time, should list your technical experience and personal strengths.
The objective should speak directly to the requirements and skills searched by the employer to prove that you are the best candidate. It usually begins with such words as “Looking for, seeking, ready” and finishes with the benefits that you can
bring about to the company.

Front end developer resume summary and skills

Summary is a section that can be read by the recruiter instead of scanning the whole paper. This section focuses on the most important things including experience and skills. That is the reason to weigh every word here.

The main mistake made by people in the summary is telling the reader what a job-seeker wants but its task is to appeal to the employer. That is why it should list applicant’s strengths and benefits he can deliver to the company. There are several more
hints on writing an efficient summary:

  • 1. Use short and clear statements.
  • 2. Prefer a bullet list formatting style.
  • 3. Make an emphasis on the notable accomplishments of yours.
  • 4. Mention both technical and transferable skills.
  • 5. Adjust your summary to the requirements of the job post.
  • 6. Look through the profiles of other front end developers and identify the cues.
  • 7. Add figures to sound convincing.

One of these points centers on the skills that should be mentioned in the summary. There a job-seeker lists only the most relevant ones, but it sometimes happens that applicants miss the section entitled as “Skills” too. It is a huge mistake as many companies
look for a person who can join a Web development team and his skills are of utmost importance.

Writing a skill section of the resume front end developer should mention technical, transferable and soft skills as well as character traits. It will make apparent if you suit the vacancy both professionally and personally. Provide 2-3 most important
skills in each group not to overload the paper.

Reasons to prefer a front end developer resume template

Not only content makes a CV convincing. Its look is significant as well. Well-structured and properly organized papers seem more trustworthy and create a better impression about a job-seeker. That is a reason to use a front end developer resume template.
Modern templates help to structure the text in clear sections and provide the paper with a decent look. A well-composed summary can be also useful during the interview. It may be used as a short description of yourself as well as encourage the
reader to go on reading.

There are several reasons to opt for a template:

  • The formatting is already done there;
  • There are professionally written phrases that can contribute to the resume quality;
  • They are a tool that helps to cope with resume writing faster.

To choose a good template one should analyze whether all its sections are readable and included. They are mainly used by the entry level specialists and it would be great if this template will be analyzed by a professional writer.

Front end developer resume sample: what to consider

Sometimes looking through every front end developer resume sample you may find many useful tips to include in your CV. Having analyzed a dozen of samples we have found out several important issues to include in your resume to improve its quality.

It is advisable to mention your LinkedIn profile in the CV. Many recruiters check the information written in the paper by comparing it with social media profiles. That is why a job-seeker should prepare for that and adjust the LinkedIn profile for it
not to give out his downsides. Many developers hire professionals for this purpose as even a simple post that seems funny can change the recruiter’s viewpoint about you. Our company offers the following services and guarantees that your LinkedIn
profile will look even more convincing than your CV.

Another important thing is providing details about the projects you have dealt with or completed. Mentioning the time and name of the project does not give any presentation of your responsibilities and actions performed. That is why it is important to
describe all your accomplishments in details and accurately.

How to compose an entry level front end developer resume

The structure of the entry level developer CV will not differ much from the standard one, but the experience section may look empty. That is why it is important to consider several pieces of advice how to make these resumes look more persuasive:

  • Focus on the disciplines learnt in the college or university.
  • Describe all the projects and give links to your GitHub account.
  • Emphasize your skills.
  • Be active in search of the job.
  • Specify your knowledge of software, platforms and coding languages.

Common mistakes or poor entry level web developer resume examples Entry level developers usually make a variety of mistakes creating their first paper. That is why there are the most common mistakes made by writers and gathered here:

  • Typos and other mistakes (grammar, punctuation, spelling).
  • No specifics, only vague statements.
  • Creation of a general resume to meet the expectations of all employers.
  • Focus on duties instead of accomplishments.
  • Being too brief or going oversize.
  • Absence of action verbs.
  • Lack of good formatting.
  • Ordering resume writing services and never reading a CV.

These and many other mistakes spoil the impression at first sight at the paper. The most awful thing for recruiters is to be completely disappointed by a job-seeker with a perfect CV in the interview. The fact is that it is very important to prepare for
every interview and at least look through the most commonly asked questions and your own CV.

Look through the front end web developer resume example to see how to structure it well.

Resume №1

Andy White

Ottawa, Canada


Front end developer with 5 years of experience of app development


Results-driven front end developer with 5 years of experience knowledgeable in Agile methodologies and possessing strong technical skills


Front end developer with 5 years of experience in app development. Experienced in running profit-generated projects and possessing a deep knowledge of such coding languages as Java, Drupal and NodeJS.


  • – Expertise in web structuring;
  • – MCSE and MCSD Certification;
  • – Problem-solving and communication skills;
  • – Ability to work in team;
  • – Analytical mindset.


From 2005 to 2010

Ottawa, Canada

DBU company

Position: Front end developer


  • – Implementation of visual and interactive elements;
  • – Dealing with Agile methodologies;
  • – Built reusable code;
  • – Collaborated with other team members.


School of Computer Science at Carleton University

Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Resume №2

Samuel Drew

Washington D.C., the USA


Front end developer with experience in web and mobile app development


Seeking front end developer position in the reputable company where a deep knowledge of the full app development life cycle will contribute to the better and faster project completion


Active front end developer that combines background software development and operation management with expertise in cross-platform app development to deliver quality projects from scratch.


  • – Delivered topnotch results within stated deadlines;
  • – Excellent administrative and management skills that help with team development;
  • – CProvided premium security structuring;
  • – Sociable and responsible;
  • – Keep track of the software novelties.


From 2013 to 2015

Washington D.C., the USA

Fahrenheit Inc.

Position: Web Developer


  • – Ensured the technical feasibility of user interface and user experience designs;
  • – Developed fresh user-facing features;
  • – Provided an app optimization;
  • – Checked whether all user input has been implemented;
  • – Dealt with script in languages including Java, Drupal and Node US.


George Washington University

Master’s degree in Programming

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Premium tamplate for angular js, react js, front-end developers