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Python developer career path – a guide for your career opportunities


Do you have basic Python skills but are not sure what job you can land? It is a widely known fact that IT specialists are in great demand nowadays and Python developers are not an exception. However, even if you have enough experience in Python programming or just want to master these skills, you should… Learn more.

How to Сancel an Interview by Email or Phone


Have you faced a life situation when you can’t turn up at the interview? Do you want to reschedule or cancel it in a professional manner? Naturally, canceling an interview is not a good idea, but if it is the only option and nothing can be changed, you should know how to cancel an interview… Learn more.

Thank You Email After Second Interview Samples and How to Write


Have you already gone through all the job interviews and are waiting for an answer? It is time to remind about yourself and send a thank you email after second interview. It is a widely accepted way to show your gratitude for the time devoted to you and a great way to build useful networks… Learn more.

37 Angular 7 interview questions and answers that get you a new Job in 2020


Do you have experience in Angular 7 development and look for a new job? As you might know, even if your resume is very convincing, it is not a guarantee that you have got this job. A key decision is usually made during or after the interview. Therefore, it is important to prepare for this… Learn more.

What to do when you get laid off or fired


Have you ever been laid off? There is hardly any person who can prepare for being terminated or fired since it is an unexpected turn in the routine of everyday life. At the same time, it makes no difference whether you are a blue-collar worker or take any top positions in the company since each… Learn more.