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Angular js resume template

JavaScript is one of the most popular coding languages today, so experts in this field are needed everywhere. On the flip side, not every employer is ready to hire a developer not confident in his professionalism. How can one prove that? Certainly, with a top-notch JavaScript developer CV. It’s downright impossible to get a good job if there’s a Node JS developer job description and you major in Angular JS. Your resume should reflect your strength and skills to convince the employer that you’re the best candidate for the position. With that goal in mind, here are some tips on Angular developer resume writing.

JavaScript developer resume structure

In general, the structure of most resumes is fairly similar. Depending on the presence, or absence, of the experience, as the case may be, an applicant should avoid using one or another section. However, usually, every professionally written paper should include:

  • Headline
  • Objective
  • Summary
  • Work or employment experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Every section plays a significant role in the wholesome look of the JavaScript CV and should include only truthful information.

AngularJS developer resume headline

A resume headline is one of the first things noticed by recruiters. This section plays a crucial role as 80% of all resumes are rejected within the first 10 seconds. In order to not to get into a “refused” pile one should hook the reader with a headline.

Angular JS sample resume headline should have several important features:

  • It must be short, simple;
  • You should indicate your expertise level and main goals;
  • It must be original and appealing to the reader.

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Node JS resume objective

Another section that catches recruiters’ eyes, is the objective you provide in the resume.

Looking through a Node js developer job description it’s important to pay attention to the requirements issued to the candidate. There you may see what skills and knowledge of what disciplines are required by the employer. If you realize that it’s within your expertise level, you can use some of the phrases or statements from it writing the objective.

This short but informative sentence should outline your major skills, as well as the area you specialize in. That will make the employer understand that your resume must be read until the end.

JavaScript resume summary

The summary in the Angular JS CV is written with the purpose to tell the employer, in brief, all your benefits and convince him of your professionalism. Here one should both mention the core set of skills necessary for the certain job position, as well as emphasize how your hiring will benefit the company. You can also provide information about your qualifications here to make it more persuasive.

A well-composed summary can be also useful during the interview. It may be used as a short description of yourself as well as encourage the reader to go on reading.

Skills to mention in the Node JS developer resume

While composing a resume, Javascript developers should pay attention to the section with skills. It must include different information including:

  • Personal skills;
  • Project management tools they are aware of;
  • Completed by the developers certifications;
  • Familiarity with social media websites;
  • Knowledge of data analysis, marketing, IT tools, software etc.;
  • Fluency in foreign languages;
  • Listing “soft” and “hard” skills etc.

The list of skills must look like keywords that are important for making a resume stand out among many others. There is a necessity to mention only relevant to the position skills for a resume to be noticed.

JavaScript developer job description: what to pay attention to

Angularjs developer

When a person starts writing a resume, it’s important to analyze another JavaScript developer resume sample, as well as the job description to take as an example the best features. Every description of the vacancy has a list of requirements for the candidate. That means that a potential employer has already put together an image of the perfect employee and the task of the jobseeker is to adapt his resume to these requirements as closely as possible. Of course, you should mention only truthful data and indicate only those skills that you really possess.

Tips on writing a top-notch Angular resume

Why do you think a particular JavaScript resume sample is called effective and convincing? Their writers have considered the most popular and efficient tips on how to compose a perfect resume, so they are not only job-winning in content but also in their look. Let’s consider several important issues for the resume to be extremely appealing:

  • The paper should be easily skimmed, so your division in sections, formatting, and structure must be clear and comprehensible.
  • JavaScript developer portfolio should include work experience obtained in companies as well as it is advisable to insert an additional chapter called “Side or Completed Projects”.
  • You are also advised to mention both open source and personal projects as well as provide their description and your responsibilities. It may help to show your potential and ability to be a team member.
  • Include links to your GitHub account if there are any decent examples of your works, but avoid files that must be downloaded – they make a bad impression.
  • Use a reversed order in the education section to start with the most relevant ones and keep it short.
  • Avoid listing redundant skills. If you wish to show you’re knowledgeable in HTML, never list all other similar skills like XHTML or HTML5.
  • A resume Angular JS developer submits to the company should include only proficient computer skills.
  • Don’t indicate your level, despite the fact it’s an expertise or beginner. A recruiter should make a conclusion on his own regarding your skills and experience.
  • Take advantage of the cover letter if it’s required in the job description or you’re applying for a not publicly open position.
  • A top-notch resume should be accompanied by a custom filled LinkedIn profile as it is a trend among employers to look through social media of the person before inviting him to an interview. You can entrust professionals of our company with both these tasks to increase your chances of getting a job.

A resume and an interview: how to prep

javascript developer with angular experience

If you are lucky enough to have an amazingly perfectly written paper by our experienced writers, be ready to receive an invitation to the interview. This is a crucial stage that will either convincingly persuade or utterly disappoint the recruiter. That’s why preparation for an interview is incredibly important.

First of all, you should be able to explain every point on your Angular JS experience included on your resume. Some recruiters desire to see whether a resume was written by the job-seeker, so you should know its content really well.

Secondly, you should be ready to answer the most commonly asked questions. Their list is available on the Web, so having found them, speak up all the answers aloud to be able to sound coherent and confident.

AngularJS resume sample and template

Before starting to write out a CV, JavaScript developers should look through several samples. They will not only see how a paper should look, but also borrow some useful statements or formatting issues for their own documents.

Another great thing is to find a suitable Angular JS resume template both attractive and well-structured to make the paper look organized and wholesome. The first sight at of a resume written with the use of a template makes a positive impression and shows a job-seeker’s desire to get a job by thorough preparation.

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Resume №1

Mark Antony

1 Main Street, New York, the USA

Award-winning Angular JS developer with 7 years of experience


Self-motivated Angular JS developer looking for a position in a web development company to bring programming, design and coding knowledge to it.


Senior Developer specializing in Angular JS development and design. Experience in all the development cycle stages and dealing with projects from scratch to their release. Strong background in front-end development and project management.

Technical Skills:

  • – Proficient in Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Drupal;
  • – Sound knowledge of testing frameworks, web services version control tools etc.;
  • – Good understanding of asynchronous programming nature, front-end technologies, fundamental design principles;
  • – Ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems;
  • – Advanced programming and design skills;
  • – Communicative, responsible and hard-working.

Work experience:

Web Developer

Web Peppers company

From June 2006 to August 2009

New York, the USA

  • – Added functionality, aesthetics and enhancements to existing websites;
  • – Acted as a member of the Agile development team;
  • – Built a web-based editor for several platforms;
  • – Created, updated and maintained JS libraries.

Web Developer

LiveCareer company

From September 2009 to August 2013

New York, the USA

  • – Implemented user interface design using HTML and CSS;
  • – Created a design and built up a signup and login web pages using Angular JS;
  • – Developed project concepts and maintained the optimal workflow;
  • – Carried out quality assurance tests for usability optimization.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Resume №2

Lauren Smith

13 Double Lane, Ottawa, Canada

Goal-oriented JavaScript developer with a dozen successfully finished projects


Responsible JS developer wishing to transfer her 7-year experience in programming, media design and client servicing to an industry leader in the market.


A creative and highly experienced JavaScript developer capable of working as a team member and individually. Expertise in technical and project management desiring to enhance the workflow of the company

Technical Skills:

  • – Motivated, sociable and business analytics skills;
  • – Proficient in development, devising solutions, debugging and troubleshooting JS code;
  • – Collaborative, problem-solving and project management skills;
  • – Exceptional skills in web development, design, testing, and troubleshooting;
  • – Extensive familiarity with database management, script languages, web servers and protocols.

Work experience:

Senior Web Developer

Web Perfectors Inc.

From September 2007 to February 2010

Ottawa, Canada

  • – Created interactions for user interfaces and JS modules using wireframes;
  • – Implemented modules, dynamic functionalities and web crawlers;
  • – Developed front-end part of web pages;
  • – Administered the server;
  • – Designed and implemented a dashboard of the application.

Web Programmer

Redwell Company

From March 2010 to June 2014

Ottawa, Canada

  • – Developed widgets, demos, tools and contributed to the advancement of the framework;
  • – Developed a script for online data capturing;
  • – Helped to integrate functionality into newly built applications;
  • – Rewrote existing code.


Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Design

University of Illinois, Chicago

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Premium tamplate for angular js, react js, front-end developers